PERUGIA airport is 1hr 30 mins from Villa Simonicchi making the RYANAIR flights from Stansted the easiest and often cheapest way to travel.

ROME – 3 hours by road taking E45 north to Pieve S.S. for Caprese Michelangelo.

PISA – 3 hours by road to Florence afterwards taking the Arezzo ring-road for Caprese.

FLORENCE – 2 hours by road taking the Arezzo ring-road for Caprese.

BOLOGNA – 2 hours by road taking E45 from Cesena to Pieve S.S. for Caprese.


There is a train service linking Florence and Rome which stops at Arezzo. Some visitors find it more relaxing to visit traffic-congested cities like these by train. However it is essential to rent a car for the overall holiday.


Cars can be hired from the usual agencies with pick-up at any of the airports listed above. A bi-lingual friend may be available for taxi service and guiding.